1 I would like to thank Joanna Jurewicz for reading the manuscript and for her Text Society: “Playing with Fire: the pratītyasamutpāda from the Perspective of. The arguments are based on articles by Joanna Jurewicz, which unfortunately I can’t easily access right now, such as “Playing with fire: the. Elsewhere Joanna Jurewicz has attempted to show that the choice of terms for the .. „Playing with Fire: Pratītyasamutpāda from the perspective of Vedic.

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That could be the case, although the way he is defining sankhara sounds more like a definition of cetana to me. In this view clinging would be fuel for becoming, and in my opinion this works much better as an explanation of process. The paper is a not easy to follow: The arguments are based on articles by Joanna Jurewicz, which unfortunately I can’t easily access right now, such as “Playing with fire: First there is nothing, not even existence or firre.

Dependent Origination and the Vedas – Dhamma Wheel

There are many other suttas with quite different formulations, which wait for serious study, for example:. And, I might add, irony does not weather well. This is an awkward phrase. This is one’s right view. It is quite plausible, however, that someone failed to notice that once the first four links become part of the chain, it’s dire version meant that in order to abolish ignorance one first had to abolish consciousness!

In brief, the argument is that the step chain is the result of pasting together two chains, and that the first four links are a parody of Vedic Cosmogony.


Nama-rupa name-and-form ; 5. Bhava becoming ; Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface aith the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. It continues the theme of looking at the way the Buddha drew on the traditions surrounding him, especially the Vedic tradition, of images and concepts with which to communicate his Insight. Actually, maybe that list was one Mike sourced from somewhere rather than Gombrich’s text playlng it’s not quite clear.

Maybe that’s only tangential to his argument though. As Tilt says, such ideas don’t necessarily subtract, they may well enrich how one views the Dhamma. Theravada Buddhism Web Directory.

Dhamma Wheel

Then, at another point, the Buddha produced a different causal chain to ironize and criticise Vedic cosmogony, and noticed that it led very nicely into the earlier chain – perhaps because joanan is natural for the creation of the individual to lead straight on to the six senses, and these, via ‘contact’ and ‘feeling’, to thirst. Phassa contact ; 7.

It emphasises that the Buddhist texts are not divine revelation, they are no infallible and we must be wary of an over literal interpretation of them. Desire, ‘the first seed of the mind’, creates consciousness. joanan

Jayarava’s Raves: Playing with Fire

What he means by “on fire” is that we our experience is burning with desire, with hatred, and with spiritual ignorance. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.

As for the specific link formulation, – it’s just one of the way in which Buddha expressed the Conditioned Arising model. A volitional impulse kama – desire initiates the process of creation. The khandas in other words are an extension of the Buddha’s use of the fire metaphor. This is important for contemporary Buddhists.


The primary metaphor for consciousness in the Vedic tradition is fire, hence the Buddha framed his understanding of consciousness in similar terms. It would not be so surprising considering how much Buddhist doctrine is a reworking of preexisting concepts. Avijja ignorance ; 2. From this reflexivity, in which there is only one entity, develops an awareness of subject and object; this in turn leads to further individuation, until joana reach the multiplicity of our experience: The Vedic religion was one in which fire played a central role.

This also occured with nama-rupa, it being redefined as mind-matter rather than subject-object. The thing that struck me was that Gombrich and Ven N. Joanba could also go back six, seven, jurewwicz eight links – nothing hangs on the difference. I think it makes sense. Erich Fauwallner argued long ago that the chain would logically have started with Tanha, in order to match up with the Four Noble Truths, but starting with the sense bases would work equally well.

However, it’s hard to do justice to it without typing out several pages of the book But of course that doesn’t mean that we have to discard what we know about the 12 nidana sequence, if anything this perspective should help us have a little deeper understanding of what this particular concept is trying to convey.

Newer Post Older Post Home. In particular where the Buddha used metaphors drawn from the Vedic traditions, there have often be misunderstood by later Buddhists, even in some cases before the canon was written down.