Irganox® B Product Info. Description, Language, Legal Area. Material Safety Data Sheet, EN, REG_EU, View (42k). Material Safety Data Sheet, ES, AR. BASF Irganox B is a synergistic processing and long-term thermal stabilizer system based on a blend of Irgafos and Irganox Irganox B is. BASF Irganox B is a synergistic processing and long term thermal stabilization system. Click for Sample or Quote.

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AO B is a convenient blend addressing a range of stabilization needs. In the recommended applications AO B provides significant benefitssuch as. AO — an organophosphite of low volatility and particularly resistance to hydrolysis — protects during processing organic polymers which are prone to oxidation.

Irganox® B225

AO — a hindered phenolic antioxidant — contributes synergistically to the stabilization of the polymer during processing and provides long – term thermal stability by preventing thermo – oxidative degradation during service life.


In polyolefins, the concentration levels for AO B range typically between 0. The optimum level is application specific. Extensive performance data of AO B in various organic polymers and applications are available upon request. AO B is used in irganoox and olefin – copolymers such as polyethylenepolypropylenepolybutene and ieganox – vinylacetate copolymers.

The blend can also be used in other polymers such as engineering plasticsstyrene homo – and copolymerspolyurethaneselastomersadhesivesand other organic substrates.

Antioxidant Irganox B, Antioxidant Blend Supplier | Baoxu Chemical

Protects organic polymers as well as pigments from UV light, improving and preserving the technical and h225 performance. Hongkun is one of the biggest manufacturers of UV Absorber in China with the same quality of BASF, and the application effect has been proved by many customers.

Active Member 5 Years. BeiLi Chemicals Zhangjiagang Co. Risun Polymer International Co.

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Antioxidant Irganox B225, Packaging Type: Bag

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