Siemens Hipath Service Manual File Type Download Pdf, Free Pdf Siemens contents nur fã¼r den internen gebrauch asa 76a9. File Type Download Pdf, Free Pdf Siemens Hipath Manual File Type user manual nur fã¼r den internen gebrauch table of contents hipath. Start and Log-on Nur für den internen Gebrauch AHM Administrator Documentation File Types Customer.

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On pressing the key, the user will be presented with a prompt. NULLs Label for old urgent items. If maxItems is set to -1, there is no limitation. NULL Access code that is sent to the server if the line is busy. Item is Read Only. The job succeeds and the provisioning service sends a normal CleanUp since there are no other waiting jobs. Available with OpenStage V2. Used by the phone software to identify the XML application running on the phone. Idle missed calls locked-configmenus Allows notification of missed calls on display User conferencing enabled locked-configmenus Enable local conferences.

Inform the provisioning service about the status of a software or file deployment. If one or more message containing further fragments is expected, this value is used.

Forwarding Favourites Destination 2 defaultforwarding-2 Text Default: NULL Gateway for specific route 1. Recommended MP3 bit rate: First, we will explain the basic message flow. Call context menu locked-configmenus Control the behaviour of the call context menu. Certificates can be used for the following functional areas: The corresponding section in the V2 menu is called “Authentication”.


Sent to the phones, the value is provisioning service in always 0. It determines the activity the phone should perform.

NULL Prefix for national connections, e. Only meaningful for application with 2 or 3 tabs. If Transfer on hangup is enabled, and A goes on-hook, B gets connected to C.

OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide |

The tracing facility can also be configured and controlled by the provisioning service; see Section 4. ReadItems The provisioning internn asks the phone to deliver the values of a certain subset of items. When “no ring” is selected, the incoming call will not ring; “alert ring” selects a 3 seconds burst of the configured ring tone; “alert beep” selects a beep instead of a ring tone; “Standard ring tone” selects the default ringer.

If false, the line key is lit steady when it is in use. Thus, provisioning service driven interactions are possible even when the provisioning service is located behind a firewall, or in a DMZ. Call forward Label for the key.

Non-compress- qdc-nccing codec consecutivethreshold values – good-packets Consecutive good packets Integer 0 to Default: For interrnen, Section 4.

Hold Ringback timer locked-config minutes menus Set the time interval after which the user will be reminded of a held call. Initial contact-me messages from the provisioning service are transmitted via non-encrypted HTTP.

Read by provisioning service to confirm correct PIN entry. When “None” is selected, no certificate check is performed. No prompt will be presented to the user.

When this string matches a specific string stored on the phone the “Name” parameter bebrauch, the corresponding ringer is triggered. As this is a variant of the phone restart, the message flow is as described in Section 3.


OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide

For example, Section 5. The following mode keys can be used to start an XML application: If the provisioning service is acting as a web server, this initial message is required, as the service must be contacted by the phone, which acts as a web client.

The certificate subject has to match the account for the phone in the authentication server with which the RADIUS server interacts. NULL Target for deflected calls. When set to immediate, the current status will be disregarded, and the software will be deployed unconditionally.

Type of file to be downloaded by the phone.

Attribute Value Description action action name Contains the action name of the message from the provisioning service to which this message is a reply. Personal Label for the key.

Call recording is started when a call intefnen established, and can be stopped with the FPK function. BLF Label for the key. As the device is configured to Secure Mode without PIN, the provisioning service sends a request to switch to Secure Mode bootstrapping including certificates and secure-port number. Contrast locked-configmenus Enables the contrast setting on display.