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HP Compaq p – 17″ – Core 2 Duo T – 1 GB RAM – GB HDD overview and full product specs on CNET. The HP Compaq p is HP’s premier business class notebook offering. Featuring a massive 17” screen, the Santa Rosa platform, and a top. Light weight, solid graphics, and a good battery life set the HP Compaq p ($ as of 10/9/07) apart from most other desktop.

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Also Hewlet-Packard reacted to the progress in CPU development and, especially, also to availability of new video cards by a new business series. The powerful 17″ class is today represented 871p0 the HP Compaq p and also the w. More about how this notebook rates in our tests, can be 8710; here. The black case with blue-gray inlays and a colored display cover persists.

The molding covering the hot keys above the keyboard was slightly redesigned. It is now parallel to the keyboard and nearly the whole width of the case is utilized. What’s special is, that the keys themselves are implemented using contact sensitive areas and, so, no further mechanical ho were needed.

The solution does not only look good, each of the keys could also convince in practice. Also the volume control, which makes it possible to adjust the volume by moving the finger over a marked zone, is felicitous.

HP Compaq p Notebook PC – Overview | HP® Customer Support

That’s all regarding design. No further changes got obvious. The same is also true regarding robustness and stability of the case. Overall, the HP Compaq p has a good pressure resistance and flexural rigidity.

However, there is a small weakness at the right group of four USB ports. If you pick the notebook up at this part, you can hear a loud creaking noise.

Still, overall workmanship and case stability convince.

HP Compaq 8710p – 17″ – Core 2 Duo T7300 – Win XP Pro – 1 GB RAM – 160 GB HDD Series

The two hinges allow a slight see-saw after adjusting the big 17″ display’s position, but, otherwise they seem robust. The display is locked by a ramshorn hookif closed. The handy surface of the slider eases the use of the opening mechanism.

The interfaces offered by the HP Compaq p are mainly at the notebooks left and right side and there near the front. There are many interfaces provided, so, utilizing them directly at the notebook will cause cable spaghetti.

Especially the four USB ports at the right side could cause problems. Positive is that also a HDMI port is provided at the left side. Of course the Compaq p also provides a docking portwhich allows to move all the provided ports to the back and free the sides from cable spaghetti. There were hardly any changes regarding design and typing comfort of the keyboard.


The notebook provides a clearly structured keyboard with a numerical pad at the right side. Overall the size of the keys is alright. A enter key which extends over too rows seems nearly naturally. The cursor block is a little bit separated from the other keys. In general typing is comfortablebut, seems a little bit jerky, because of the strong point of pressure and a relatively long travel. Fast typing is accompanied by a clearly clicking, nearly rattling noise, although the keyboard is attached tightly to the case, besides, that it yields a litte.

The HP Compaq p provides, additionally to the touch pad, also a blue track point in the middle of the keyboard. Once again the unergonomic surface and the high resistance of the track point are points of critique. So, working with the track point is not very user-friendly. A nice feature are contact sensitive hot keys above the keyboard. Again, one of the hot keys launches the Windows calculator. This notebook provides the fingerprint reader no longer at the touch pad, but, at the right lower corner of the palm rest areas.

Typical HP, also for the Compaq p a variety of display versions is available. We measured a very good maximum brightness of So, the illumination of the panel is poor at The minimum brightness of the panel was 0. Together with the maximum brightness of There are no anomalies regarding the display’s speed of reaction.

In general the display was well legible, but, if it was brighter, working outdoors would be even more user-friendly.

HP Compaq p Notebook PC – Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support

Horizontallyregarding stability to the vantage point the area of operation is spacious. Verticallythe display darkens or whitens depending on the vantage point outside a sufficiently big 8710; of operation. After the benchmarks were run, the following was clear: The p is indeed a high-performance notebook. It reached top results in the 3D Mark benchmark test and also rates excellent during practical game tests. However, because of the reached benchmark results, you can assume that it is actually a higher-clocked Geforce M GT.

At least the following is for sure: However, for the user only the performance of the hardware is interestingand 8710; HP Compaq NVS M’s video hl is excellent. Therewith also 3D applications, CAD and graphical design are no problem for the p. Please also look at our benchmark list of mobile processors or at our benchmark list of mobile video cardsin order to compare this notebook to other configurations.

Supreme Commander [Test with Skirmish 1 vs 1 on a small map]. If you think that such a high-performance notebook must be loud, you err. Especially in i dle mode the HP p is very quiet. Once again, yp noise of the hard disk is louder than the fan.

It’s time that the SSD hard disks are improved, so, that it’s finally quiet.


Under load the fan audibly speeds up. Although gp is clearly audibly, it’s noise is not really 8710. We measured a noise level of up to The surface temperature is without any striking maximums. This is alright, even more, if you consider the high performance of the HP Compaq p. The sound of the two speakers, located at the front edge of the notebookis passable. The maximum volume is alright, but, the sound a little bit dull. The big battery with 73Wh capacity reached a good runtime.

It ranges from about 2 hours under load to nearly 6 hours with minimum energy demand. This runtime is alright for a DTR notebook with comparable performance. Furthermore, it is possible to attach supplement batteries at the bottom side of the HP p.

For this purpose the notebook provides a dedicated connector beside the docking port. So, it is possible to further increase the battery runtime by external ‘high capacity batteries’.

Alike its predecessor, the nw, also the HP Compaq p could convince as business notebook. There are a lot of reasons for this, e.

Also the important input devices are alright. However, typing is judged by individual preferences. A plus is of course the separated numerical pad. Also the hot keys provided above the keyboard are felicitous. Especially its resolution of x pixels is a little bit low for a 17 inch display.

HP Compaq 8710p Review

810p absolute highlight of the HP Compaq p is its performance, especially its 3D performance. The emissions are limited. This is true for noise and temperature emissions, especially in idle mode. Also the battery runtime is rather good. Although this is not the most important criterion for a DTR, it does not harm. Furthermore, it is possible to equip this notebook with supplement batteries. Many thanks to the company Planet Notebookwho kindly provided us with the reviewed notebook.

Here you np configure and also buy this notebook. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. We intentionally show more 87110p when an adblocker is used. Please, switch off ad blockers. Review HP Compaq p Notebook.

Video of Display’s Stability to the Vantage Point. Resolution x, all details: Resolution x, all settings: Both games are also well playable in the highest listed resolution. Loudness If you think that such a high-performance notebook must be loud, you err.

It’s time that the SSD hard disks are improved, so, that it’s finally quiet ;- Under load the fan audibly speeds up. Temperature The surface temperature is without any striking maximums.