Your reading reflects this combination of desire for romantic partnership (53) and a stand-still (). The best attitude is to look into yourself. You might get value from reading the thread on 53 no change lines over in the Exploring Divination area. Meanwhile as a general rule I see. I Ching Hexagram 53 – Discover the meaning and interpretation of Hexagram 53 Ji’an (Development) from the I Ching Book of Changes.

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Their feathers can be used in the great spirit-dances. You have taken a wrong turn on the path to union. Small Son encounters adversity. The wild goose gradually draws near the cloud heights. If you provoke a conflict or make a bold and forceful advance, you will place yourself and those close to you in danger. Thus [the patient] is still in an undesirably passive condition where everything is rather uncertain and questionable; neither he nor I know the journey’s end.

I Ching Hexagram #53:

The second line, magnetic, shows the geese gradually approaching the large rocks, where they eat and drink joyfully and at ease. The man reaches the pinnacle, completes his work, and leaves inspiration for the world to follow.

The man attains a safe position through docility and pliancy. Eating and drinking, feasting! In moving toward the object of your enquiry, you may have received criticism which can teach you something. Remembering that the symbol of marriage in the Judgment relates to the union of thought and feeling within our hexagramma vehicle, we can see that this first line represents a new synthesis of some sort.


Contact the developer here. There will be no error. Radiance flocking demons indeed.

Significado I-Ching N° CHIEN. El desarrollo, el progreso gradual

Something important is returning. There is joy in eating and drinking.

Acquiring the place desired indeed. Yes The outcome appears positive, i especially like line 6 for a situation like this. I also like this quote, but it s not showing me any course of action. The first line describes confusion as a new situation begins to develop; line two suggests that this new force has established a beachhead and now consolidates nourishes itself for further advancement.

iChing A Steady Pace

The marriage of a young lady illustrates an important event which takes place according to various preliminary steps which must be correctly done in an orderly sequence. Image of a stalemate caused by unbalanced forces of some sort — perhaps a severely limiting belief. He does not merely eat his fill. Voice of the Fathers This is an Inspiring Figure, a Heart Theme of Change and a site of intense mediating activity that connects the primary powers to personal life.


53 Gradual Advance JIAN

Any updates to this situation, Pyramid? All content copyright iFate. The wild goose gradually hexagramx the top of the hill. If that’s correct, if that was the meaning of your divination, I’d read 20zhi53 as a wake-up call to honestly examinate were you stand and drop delusions. The way ahead appears clear and bright.

Change from the Inside Out: Co-operate with the on-going process of change. The danger is owing to no fault of hers in the matter of what is right.

Your position is one of the classic beginner. This is one of the most hierarchical of the hexagrams — each line represents a clear advance from the position of the preceding line, thus giving an image of Heexagrama Progress. Line 3 Have you ever soared too far, too high, and found yourself in a difficult or hostile situation? The hexwgrama son is in trouble.

Mothering Change presents Transforming Lines as Steps of Change that show you where and how to focus your energy. Wild geese settle on the grave mounds.