gvSIG User manual – Preference window – Map preferences. This section of the preference window can be used to customise how you wish to work with. Common options. Introduction; Properties; Placement; Visualisation; Allow label overlapping. Common options. Introduction. Regardless of. With this tool you can select which geometric properties to calculate for a visible vector layer in the current view, and then save these properties.

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Version notes General information New features Improvements.

gvSIG-Desktop User Manual — gvSIG

Geometries Concept of type and subtype Geometry type Geometry register Geometry creation. If the process completes successfully, the Accept button is enabled and the tool can be closed. Clicking the ‘Visualisation’ button opens a dialog box which allows configuration of the range of scales at which labels vvsig be shown. Revision de codigo Dependencias. This opens a dialog box shown below where the user can insert one or more text boxes in which to place the different label expressions that have been created.

How do I get an extension point? Maven Introduction Maven plugins Local and remote repositories Common tasks. Console of error due to there is not permission to write tables.

User Manual by Victor Acevedo — last modified Version notes New features Known problems. Previous versions gvSIG desktop 1. The options available in this dialog box will depend on the geometry of the layer in question point, line or polygon:.


The geometry model General model structure Primitive geometries Complex geometries Aggregate geometries. Raster pilot Description Credits. Manula throws a Java typecast error when saving table edits on integer fields. How can I convert a geometry to JTS? The 3D extension must be ggvsig on the gvSIG version it was developed, which is indicated in the download table of the extension. This is where all the label styles are saved by clicking the ‘Save’ button.

Description Credits Install Instructions Downloads.

Get to know gvSIG Desktop, the Open Source Geographic Information System

Legend problem when the field chosen for the symbol is a string but the values represent numbers. Personal tools Log in. Where is MapControl’s addMapTool method? No se encuentra la dependencia jre: Error al copiar capas en Rutas Relativas. Exception when loading a gvp with WMS layers without internet access. Basic architecture of gvSIG org. Execute the EXE file and follow the instructions. Label a layer with space in the name of the field en: To solve this we recommend to uninstall and install again gvSIG 1.

Version notes New features Other notes Improvements Known problems. Properties The ‘Properties’ button provides access to a large number of label options. The following information is shown:.

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Problem with fglrx installer. Bug on 3D extension’s installer Can’t unrasterize vector layers after rasterizing Error on information tool: Raster pilot Description Credits. Migrating Projects to gvSIG 2.

List of added geometric attributes. New fields can have any name. Reference guide Module commonsdialog reference. Developers Quick Start Guide.

Access to ArcSDE 9. Can’t unlabel vector layers. Console of error on Quick Print tool If “force scale” textbox is empty. Version notes New Features. User documentation Extensions Network analisis Redes 0.

Two views of the same terrain and layers. Persistence error trying to open a gvp saved with gvSIG 1. Problemas conocidos No se encuentra la dependencia jre: For instance, in the case of a extension for gvSIG 1. For instance, in the case of a 3D extension for gvSIG 1.

The installation steps are: Nothe graphic card drivers must be installed properly. Version notes New features Improvements Known problems.

What is equivalent to the FieldDescription class in version 2. There isn’t translation for some options.

Network pilot Description Credits.