GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol is based on the films, stories, comic books, and radio shows of the s to the s. It starts with Buck Rogers () and. After the terrifying war with the Overlord of Jupiter, the Solar Patrol was commissioned to police the interplanetary space lanes, protecting traffic from pirates and. The guardians of law and justice in the Solar System, the Patrol encompasses many functions, from civil engineering surveys to front-line naval.

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Within the context of the genre, no supernatural powers of either good or evil exist.

All rights are reserved by SJ Games. Besides, the Jovian emperor pays good bounties on Patrol ships that mysteriously disappear. Space Marines who cannot maintain the high standards of the Patrol are booted out — and such disgraced Marines with a grudge against the Earth League often find employment as mercenaries or run their own gang of freebooters.

This does not mean Patrolmen are inherently arrogant, obnoxious, or condescending though many find it hard to hide their pride in their position. Accelerene is Expensive and illegal.

The mission is every-thing. Let no insult go unavenged.

GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol

The main division among bathrobes is between Bathrobes of Law and Bathrobes of Chaos. Afterwards, the character has severe shakes, resulting in a -1 DX for four hours. A legal, but controlled, medical drug, accelerene greatly enhances reflexes and is sometimes issued to partol pilots.

Fortress at the Top of the World link to Amazon was written as the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. This does not mean the Space Marines employ raving solarr.

GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol – 5. CHARACTERS

Thin walls of alloy and plastic are all that stand between a man and swift, certain death. The 21st century is a dangerous place, and every-one must be prepared to defend his life, land, or planet with vigor — and with guns. Unless the GM wishes to add more twists, turns, plots, and factions thus changing the tone of the game greatlythis advantage really has no lace. Despite the strong belief that humans matter more than machines, the Earth League knows that it is tools that permit them to travel the deadly void and confront whatever they might find there.


To simulate this, consider the following table. Common drugs in the Tales of the Solar Patrol setting include:.

The big, hulking brawler types and battle-hardened Space Marines may have a level or two of this as an innate ability, up to DR 2. Cargo decks are usually large areas with secondary doors that can open to permit rapid unloading of containers or the easy entry of forklifts and other vehicles. Did you work out what happens when one of them is hit with the force of an atomic gun? No matter the high ideals of humanity, no matter how much they might desire to live in peace with their fellow beings, there continues to be those who do not share such aspirations.

Because space travel is so common, space-suit training occurs from a young age as part of regular schooling. They come in a vari-ety of standard sizes, though individuals who are Very Fat might need to squeeze a bit to get in one.

If Star Wars took place on a single planet, Luke Skywalker was from Kansas, and the Force was a fraud which he unmasked, then that would be pretty much sword and planet. The world tends to have lots of species, and a mixture of advanced and archaic technology and society.

Goopers fire a chemical that becomes a sticky, entangling mass of threads on contact with air. They share the functionality of the space suit. Space pirates love their Venusian Rum, and many characters smoke tobacco.

GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol – 4. EQUIPMENT by Lizard — Translated by humans

Strange vistas, odd civilizations, lost secrets, brightly colored princesses! Thus, any character might plausibly have the point version. All members of the Solar Patrol over the rank of lieutenant should buy the 5-point level of this.

In the context of the genre, religion is respected but vague and ecumenical. Those who do have such traits. Occasionally, a civilian specialist in a field not normally needed by the Patrol — such as an anthropologist or a historian — is assigned to work with a crew.


The reality is that all are identical for game purposes. Many ships with large crews have dedicated gunners; smaller ships make do, grudgingly, with infomat-guided weapons fired from a central panel. Space Marines are only sent into situations known or likely to be very high risk.

Any Earth League citizen knows the basics of how to put on a suit.

Translate into another language. The crew includes the captain, pilot, astronavigator, and chief tactical officer on the command deck, plus the chief engineer and the engineer’s mate on the engineering deck and a medic on the crew deck. Twenty-first century suits are light, flexible, and tough, with a minimum of complicated equipment to get in the way. However at other times he seems like a wise-cracking adventurer of the Han Solo or Indiana Jones type.

Women and children first! The chief engineer works here and often practically lives here — many crews swear that their Chief never leaves the deck, not to eat, not to sleep, not ever. It is especially appropriate for younger characters, such as cadets. Treat a skilled opponent with respect. While many characters may have a religious faith, no divine presence exists that will affect the mechanics of game play in this setting.

These use the Electro-Mechanical Computers design switch. The crew deck is where the crew eats, sleeps, and relaxes while off duty. One week, they may track down the traders who are shipping stolen atomic guns to the Salishal on Venus.

Modern spaceships vary in detail but share general design trends. The former prefer to patorl on coat hangers, which occur naturally in the forests where they dwell.