The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How to be One by Peter B. Kyne. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Although Kyne’s tale of business smarts has been around for some time (it was first published by William Randolph Hearst in ), it doesn’t feel dated. Indeed . Publisher’s Notes. Ever since its first printing in , The Go-Getter has inspired employees and entrepreneurs to take initiative, increase their productivity, and.

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If you think you’re slipping gracefully into a good thing, disabuse your mind of that impression right now. Comrade Peck will feel a whole lot better as a result, and who knows? A short story illustrating how easy it can be to stop as soon as we hit an obstacle, but that successful people, the go-getters, are those that don’t let obstacles deter them.

Skinner, for consenting to take me on. When he gets the job, unbeknownst to him. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. For me, the book was okay. Gettfr am impressed with this “Little” book. The second time you do it you’ll get a month’s lay-off to think it over, and the third time you’ll be out–for keeps. Peck If you can drive nails in it–we have it!


Was gegter store name spelled Cohen, Cohan, Cohn, or Coen? Now in this new century, companies are handing this book out to employees to bring back the old work ethic.

When you see an opportunity, you should leap at the chance to stretch and grow even if it’s outside your comfort zone or expertise. The value it adds for an investment of just about 2 hours is well worth it!

The Go-Getter by Peter B. Kyne

Please try again later. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Cohen’s Art Shop This was a start, so Mr. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Who wished to kynr to him?

The Go-Getter by Peter B. Kyne – Full Text Free Book

gehter I’ve been at the government tuberculosis hospital at Fort Bayard, New Mexico, for a year. I have the best of references–” “I see you have,” Cappy cut in blandly, and pressed the push-button on his desk.

You are a true blue sport and would never repudiate my action.

Somewhere in the middle of the book, when we are introduced to Mr. Then if he doesn’t make good out there we can take him back into this office, where he is a most valuable man. Jul 07, Pamela Fernandes rated it liked it. Skinner’s thanks, via the chief clerk.


It’s all about loyalty to the task and the organization. Do I get it? As the door closed behind him, Mr. Peck’s engaging but somewhat plain features rippled into the most compelling smile Cappy Ricks had ever seen. Cohens in civil life.

But tell me, Bill. Take advantage of your half-portion arm and abuse me,” the brakeman retorted bitterly.

The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How to be One by Peter B. Kyne

Get this book on your shelf and read it often! Didn’t anybody ever offer you something better? Naturally you will pay Mr. Your pernicious habit of deferring the inevitable parting with money has cost us the services of more than one good man. You make me nervous.