adj – fractional fraccionamiento (т) – fractionation fractura (0 – fracture fractura hangman’s fracture fractura (О deprimida – depressed fracture fractura (О. C2 fractures were classified into odontoid fractures types 1, 2, and 3, Hangman’s fractures types 1, 2, and 3, and atypical C2 fractures. , vol, n.1, pp. ISSN There are 2 types of axis injuries with the same radiological appearance that are known as Hangman´s fracture.

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Over 6 hours of video. Three views of both obtained. On the left, the fracture line involves the posterior tubercle of the left transverse process.

The medial aspect of the fractured right pedicle is displaced medially into the spinal canal contacting but not significantly effacing the thecal sac.


There is an associated hematoma that measures up to 3 mm in maximum depth that elevates the posterior longitudinal ligament and tectorial membrane. Edema is seen in the lateral masses of C2 compatible with fracture. There may be a small component of epidural blood products hangmam this level. Typical features of a hangman’s fracture with associated ligamentous injuries.

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Distal radius fracture

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Hangman’s fracture Case contributed by A. Loading Stack – 0 images remaining. No other cervical spine fracture is identified.

Patella fracture

There is no hangmam prevertebral hematoma. Lifting of the posterior longitudinal ligament posterior to C2 suggests extruded disk material. Normal flow voids within the vertebral arteries. Mild edema superior to the dens may indicate supradental ligamentous sprain.


Fractura del ahorcado

Hematoma seen within the paravertebral muscles at C2-C4. The cervical cord has normal signal fractrua. Case Discussion Typical features of a hangman’s fracture with associated ligamentous injuries.

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