SD30W – DSC 30W Siren. SD30W – DSC 30W Siren. Sound Leveldb Tone: Yelp & Steady Power: 30W Voltage: DC Current: 1,ma Dimensions. Product Name: Manufacturer: DIGITAL SECURITY CONTROLS Description: DIGITAL SECURITY CONTROLS [DSC-SD30W] – >> 30 WATT DUAL TONE. Package Quantity: 1Verified Purchase. These are DSC branded but are available from a lot of suppliers with other brands on them. The main problem with them.

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If you switch organizations, any items in your cart will be lost. PC User Manual v4. It has been repackaged in a generic carton and discounted. Use this field to quickly filter the sd0w.

Digital Security Controls DSC-SD30W

Special Terms and Conditions: Product requires additional accessories to function correctly. ScanSource will not replace a Rebox product with a new product at the same discounted price.

Hoja de especificaciones – RXL2 – WS Spec Sheet – German. PC Specification Sheet- French.


Orderable quantity is restricted to inventory on hand. Noticeable scratches, dents or scuff marks may be present.

SD30W – DSC 30W Siren

Register to receive DSC product updates and news by email. Impassa User Manual V1. Register to receive DSC product updates and news by email. This site uses first and third party cookies for analytics, targeted advertising and personalized content. As you type, results will change. Glassbreak Simulator AFT Spec Sheet PC Use this field to quickly filter the results. Condition Codes are located in the 4th character of the ScanSource part number, in place of the standard hyphen.

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In that case, standard DOA return policies apply, however a replacement can only be made if another Rebox unit of the same part number is available. B-Stock products are functional products that may be in an impaired physical condition, missing items or both. ReBox products are new, undamaged and have full factory warranty.


WS Specification Sheet – English.

Technical Library

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Hoja de especificaciones – WT User Manual – PC – v1. GS Spec Sheet – German. Become a Reseller Find a Reseller. Conditions are defined as follows: PC – User Manual – French. PG – Spec sheet – Sp. TL Spec Sheet – R Spec Sheet – GS – Espanol. Specialty Items are products or services that are called out as being featured, new or sc30w.


Functional, in very good to excellent condition new or close to newpackaged in zd30w generic box. Spec Sheet – 3G PowerSeries Pro – Spec sheet – Fr. They arrived at our warehouse in a damaged carton, and do not meet our standards to be sold as new.

PC – User Manual – Spanish. PGP – Spec sheet – Sp. Hoja de especificaciones – DW