In Rhyannon Byrd’s latest Bloodrunners romance, passion and secrets collide and only their love will save two werewolves and their pack. With his sharp gaze . RHYANNON BYRD. HOME ยท COMING SOON DARK WOLF RISING. Eric Drake , a powerful Dark Wolf, DARK WOLF RUNNING. In Rhyannon Byrd’s latest. In Dark Wolf Running (Bloodrunners #5) by Rhyannon Byrd, Dark Wolf Elise Drake has lived a life others would call privileged, but little do they.

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This passion and healing is what made it a favorite of mine.

Overall book rating

Elise suffered greatly at the hands of rapists and it looks like they are again searching for her. He doesn’t feel that he is good enough to mate her but he would like to be with her.

All griping stories I want everyone to like them. As much as she tries to keep Wyatt at a distance he just won’t quit. Nov 22, Shauni rated it really liked it Shelves: She not only breaks free but comes to get her man and becomes a complete badass.

Dark Wolf Running

He wants her, but he does not. Modern Romance January Books How is that better?


This was a simply fabulous read! He was just as broken on the inside as Elise was, just as afraid that love would never be in the gunning for him, but it was destiny for them both. From the start this guy is swoon worthy But because she is a rape victim, and she grew up with a mean and demeaning father.

Dark Wolf Running (Bloodrunners, #5) by Rhyannon Byrd

Dark Wolf Running Rhyannon Byrd has delivered yet another amazing addition to the Bloodrunners series! Having said that, I cannot wait to read another book my Miss Byrd. With any other woman, it would be. When I got to the half of the book, I was soooo over those two and their idiocy that I went to sleep and picked it back up in the morning.

It will be nice to see what this author comes up with in the future. Yeah, ok, the heroine had issues with vyrd due to her trauma. He knows what happened to her and he feels that it is time for her to quit running and start living. The hero was so full of buts, it was driving me crazy.

Dark Wolf Running

After years of enjoying the sunshine in the American South and Southwest, Rhyannon now lives in the beautiful but often chilly county of Warwickshire in England with her husband, kids, and their loveable Rottweiler. From nationally bestselling author Rhyannon Byrd come the stories of three Bloodrunners caught between two worlds. Fiery and cool, strong yet at the same time achingly vulnerable, she’d turned his entire world on its head.


Read full review on my blog – http: It’s amaz I loved this book! The Bloodrunners are a tight knit group. What a load of crap.

Elise is not only mentally scarred from her ordeal 3 years ago, but Posted At: But the tall Bloodrunner treated her as if she were nothing more than a child, making it darj clear that despite whatever connection they shared, he’d never see her as an adult female.

This is a scorching HOT book! When Wyatt’s life is threatened, timidity is no longer a part of the equation.

Oct 14, Cinzia rated it really liked it. Done driving himself slowly into this maddening state of frustrated desire.