Catalogo Indutec APLICACIONESBOSCHV55A mm mm24 mmVW, Ford, Iveco, Perkins,Magirus-Deutz. 20 dez. Unifap – Catalogo Unifap – Catalogo . CASE: W18 / W20 / W20B, CBT: / / / / 4X4, MERCEDES-BENZ: LD. AS. REPARO CIL. DIR. CBT A ATE PC. REPARO CIL. DIR. CBT APOS PC. B. ANEL BORRACHA.

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Photoelectric sensors 8 Solid state relays Capacitive sensors 34 Solid state relays accessories Inductive sensors 49 Soft starters Ultrasonic sensors 81 Variable frequency drives Conductive level sensors 90 Electromechanical relays Magnetic sensors 94 Sockets for caatlogo relays Safety Switching power supplies Connectors and brackets Environmental sensors Sensors, Switches and Controls.

Carlo Gavazzi Automation is a multinational electronics cataloo active in the design, manufacture and marketing Our wide array of products includes sensors, monitoring of electronic equipment targeted at the global markets of relays, timers, energy management systems, solid state industrial and building automation.

Our history is full of firsts and our products are installed in a We focus our expertise on offering state-of-the-art product huge number of applications all over the world.

With more solutions in selected market segments. Our customers include original equipment manufacturers of packaging machines, plastic-injection moulding machines, We have our headquarters in Europe and numerous offices food and beverage production machines, conveying and around the world.


We operate worldwide through 22 of our own sales companies and cbh selected representatives in more than 65 countries, from the United States in the West to the Pacific Rim in the East. A guarantee cgt reliability Carlo Gavazzi products earned the independent approval of the relevant bodies which govern our industry and the many markets we serve.

They are developed and manufactured in full compliance with the most important international standard regulations. Carlo Gavazzi manufacturing facilities operates in line with the requirements of ISO Photoelectric sensors 8 Capacitive sensors 34 Inductive cataloto 49 Ultrasonic sensors 81 Conductive level sensors 90 Magnetic sensors 94 Safety Connectors and brackets Environmental sensors Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Illustrations are for example only. Connections 2 m cable M12 connector Pigtail M12 Dimensions mm 15 x 21 Photoelectric sensors Through-beam, transistor output Types PB Connections 2 m cable or connector 2 m cable or connector Dimensions mm Connections 2 m cable M8 connector M8 connector 5 m cable Dimensions mm 13 x 30 x cb 13 x 30 x 60 12 x PD86 PD98 Connections Terminals Catapogo block Terminal block Terminal block single relay mute input mute input mute input Dimensions mm 25 x 65 x 81 25 x 65 x 81 86 x 44 x 39 98 x 56 x 37 Diffuse reflective Oper.


Jbl Professional

Sn 20 Hz Sensing distance Sn 0. Laser alignment tool 2 x 3. Photoelectric sensors Types Cataloog for sensors Connections pole plug pole plug pole plug Dimensions mm 35 x 80 x Connections pole plug pole plug pole plug Terminals Dimensions mm 35 x 80 x Photoelectric level sensors Integrated amplifier Types VP0. Equipped with the latest digital video camera technology, Guardian watches over the entrance and exit area Features safeguarding people within, while at the same time controlling the doors.

Adhesive 2 x M3 ccatalogo 2 x M3. Adhesive Reduction factor 0. Used for Heavy duty infrared barrier Heavy duty infrared barrier Heavy duty infrared barrier Laser alignment tool without batteries Description Laser alignment tool Alignment test cable Battery: Capacitive level sensors Types Capacitive liquid level sensors Connections 2 m cable M8, 4-pin pig-tail Dimensions mm 34 x 16 x 8 mm 34 x 16 x 8 mm Operating frequency 10 Hz 10 Hz Tank wall thickness 0.

Special features Detection liquids: M12 x 41 Cable: M18 x 55 Plug M M18 x 55 Dimensions long body mm Cable: M12 x 61 Cable: M18 x 75 Plug M M18 x catalogk Short: M12 x 1 x 30 Short: M18 x 1 x 30 Catallgo M18 x 1 x 30 Thread mm Long: M12 x 1 x 50 Long: M18 x 1 x 50 Long: M18 x 1 x 50 Operating frequency 1.

M12 x 45 Cable: M18 x 63 Plug M M18 x 63 Cable: M12 x 65 Cable: M18 catalogp 83 Plug M M18 x 83 Short: PT Transients T Analogue output: Function Selectable by rotary switches. Selectable by rotary switches. Filling, emptying or Filling, emptying or Filling or emptying. Conductive liquids Selectable by rotary switches.

Low, Standard – 3-levels: 21105 magnetic sensors, cylindrical Cylindrical Types FM Dimensions mm References 10 25 x 14 x 8 CL1 20 Can be used to control the following: Up to 4 speed thresholds can be set for each logic output axis.

Can be easily ctb through the The 21105 opening and closing The correct opening and closing hex-switch, selected from a choice of the safety function OSSD is of the safety function OSSD is Control of levelling, re-levelling of 15 pre-set configurations, tested automatically.


Function from 0 to 30 sec.

Limit switches – Safety type Head types Pull wire activated head – 16 m cable max Family: Safety system of machinery up standards. Solid state relays Solid state relays accessories Soft starters Variable frequency drives Electromechanical relays Sockets for electromechanical relays Switching power supplies Dimensions H xWx D mm Dimensions mm 90 x Dimensions HxWxD mm 90 x Input specifications Control input range 4.

Off-state leak current 1.

ZM S.A. – Starter Relay ZM

EA 30 mA RG. ED 30 mA RG. EA 14 mA RG. Control input range AC operating frequency range Hz. Dimensions HxWxD mm 36 x 21 x 24 A4-] 15 mA [RF1A. L] 12 mA [RS1A. M] 15 mA [RS1A. G only on request. Dimensions HxWxD mm L] AP [RA. S] A2s [RA. S] General specifications Vrms [RA S] Operational voltage Vrms [RA S] Vrms [RA L] range Vrms [RA L] Vrms [RA S] VP [RA Catalogoo Vrms RA D] Vrms [RZ3A M cata,ogo inductive loads Two independent poles with integrated varistor on output Input specifications Control input range 4.

Dimensions HxWxD mm x P] Potential free normally closed, Potential free normally closed, Potential free normally closed, Potential free normally closed, max. Solid state solutions with real- time monitoring. N solid state relays and RG.

N solid state relays. The communication and the switching functions of the RG.

N, alarm presence is identified through the status register of the solid state relay. Alarms that can be detected include: Alarm output system failure mains loss, load loss, SSR open circuitSSR short circuit, current out of range, voltage out of range, frequency out of range, over-temperature protection, communcation and internal errors Output specifications Rated operational current 25 AAC [RGC.

Dimensions HxWxD mm x 45 x x 45 x 45 mm solid state contactor, enclosed heatsink, integrated varistors for cnt mm solid state contactor, enclosed heatsink, integrated varistors for Features over-voltage protection, 5 kArms SCCR, screw with clamp for power connection over-voltage protection, 5 kArms SCCR, screw with clamp for power connection Control specifications VDC [RGC.