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MW Monier Williams Sk. Only a critical edition of the text will help to clarify it. With the permission of his father, Parasurama visits his grandfather Rclka and then his great-grandfather and so on till he visits Bhrgu the founder of his family. Parasu- rama though unmarried and unanointed as a king performs a Horse- Sacrifice Haya-medha H. They explored the technique of the use of firein war, as a Bhargava sage Aurva is said to have been dissuaded by his Pitrs probably elderly people of his clan to desist from per- fecting his fire-missile.

It takes place without brahmajda ning abuddhipurva like the flash of a lightening I. It is not certain whether the anikitatd-vdda in I. Introduction lix The topic of Sraddha is so compreiiensively discussed that it covers the following topics ofDharma-Sastra viz.

On this cosmographic topic SK.

Sri Brahmanda Puranam | Telugu eBook | hi Chakravarthi Ph.D. | Pustaka

Atharva Brahmanad 2. This four-faced Hiranyagarbha appeared at first in this Cosmic Egg. The Varndsrama- dharma is a later creation by god Brahma VV.

Narada, the mental son of Brahma, engaged the extremely powerful sons ofDaJcsa in convex sation and destroyed them and was cursed as a result. This telubu confirmed by K. Visnu is called a thou- sand-headed Purusa who is threefold according to gunas, four- fold according to Vyiihas manifestations.


The origin of the Mahat Great Principle from the Pradhdna, the characteristics of which are compared to SL dancing girl. Of ordinary people, or Kanistha lowest Tantra The anachronism ofbringing in Krsna and. They are the three states ofthe Brahman ibidW. Magnificence of God Siva: It must have been an bbrahmanda copy which reached Indonesia in the early centuries ofthe Christian era.

Laya means equilibrium of Gunas and Creation means dis-equilibrium ofthese Gunas.

Sri Brahmanda Puranam

The second episode Bd. Indra being afraid ofthe child that would be born of Siva and Uma requested Agni the omnipresent Fire-god to disturb their sexual intercourse. Lastly, he mentions three Vrttis viz.

The fullest list of30 kings is in the Brahhmanda. Parasurama accompanies them and requests the Sea-god to recede and vacate the holy place Gokarna. As the notes on that chapter I. Thus was the excellent and noble-souled Romaharsana requested after offering him due hospitable reception. Lineage of Sages The next section deals with other dvipas, Saka, Kusa etc.

Gonda concludes that the OJ. Preceptor Visvamitra, Annihilated Ksattriyas. The Rasa juice that exudes from the chariot evolved out of the essence of the waters, is mentioned: Be it as it may, the latter — the Panca-laksana definition of a Purana is very popular as it is repeated in a number of Puranas e.

Obeisance, obeisance to the Self-born deity consisting of the quality of sattva on the occasions of annihilation, creation or sustenance of the universe. They are alllcalled nagnas ‘nudes’ as they are not covered by the Trinity ofVedas II.


Brahmanda Purana – Wikipedia

Kindly recount the wonderfully diversified creative activity of Prajapati during the days ofyore”. When he was forcing his way in, Ganesa lifted up Parasurama, whirled him in all the different worlds and placed him purzna the ground again. After these, Kilakila clan will rule, after whom Vindhya- sakti A.

Although there was another Naimisaranya tepugu Kuruksetra vide Chan- dogya Upa. The particular description ofthe cities etc.

Politically brqhmanda was not desirable to allow such an inimical centre either in or near the borders ofhis kingdom. At the outset, the Purana among the sacred scriptures, was heard by Brahma. These are the three ‘meditated’ and Primary creations ibid. But when the Branmanda translator sum- marises or translates the major portion ofthe Bd. I seek refuge in god Brahma, the creator of the world, who is omniscient, unvanquished, who is the lord of everything past, puranz and future and who is the real Master of all.

Jdtukarnya — Vayu or Prabhaiijana — Vyasa, is the proper Parampard line of oral transmission. The Place of Composition It is difficult to pin-point the place of the composition of Bd. If Lalild-mdhdtmya is treated as an integral part of the Bd. The chariot whereby the lord goes to his abode from the heaven is presided over by the Devas, the Adityas, the sages, the Gan- dharvas, the Apsaras, the Gramanis, the serpents and the Raksasas.