The Vorticist journal BLAST was published only twice. BLAST: The Review of the Great English Vortex appeared in July and BLAST: War Number in July. Blast: Review of the Great English Vortex was a magazine founded by Wyndham Lewis with the assistance of Ezra Pound. It ran for just two. Blast was mainly consisted of a group of Vorticists under the central figure of Wyndham Lewis. Even though the onset of WWI.

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Even though the onset of WWI put an untimely end blwst its publication, its opinions managed to remain in history as a representative part of modern era.

How BLAST magazine has changed literature

Vibrant and merciless, full of energy and patriotic spirit, the Vorticist Manifesto remains up until today eye catching, contemporary and quite punk.

Maybe those are the elements that the majestic Mr.

We definitely approve many of them. Deriving mainly from Cubism, Futurism and Expessionism, Vorticism was a bold blend with harsh lines and harsher colors. Instead of abstraction the Vorticists developed a vortcism geometric style, which set apart their typography.

Their typographic style had such a strong impact that is considered of equal importance as the famous Zang Tumb Tumb of the Futurist Fillipo Tommaso Marinetti. One of the major revolutionists in graphic design at that time, mostly known for his typographical audacity, El Lissitzky became a source of inspiration vortiicism Blast.


His influence was obvious on the magazine, which included among several of his works, two quite offensive manifestos, edited by Lewis and signed by the rest of the team, blash their beliefs on British art and culture along with the vorticist aesthetics.

What a relevant word nowadays! Anyhow, when the first iconic issue “Blast No. Review of the Great English Vortex” was b,ast its groundbreaking bright pink cover with the huge, striking, black lettering could not fit better this provocative bunch of artists. There are bold caps here too, but there is a cohesive meaning through them, which gives the page a more unified quality.

The typeface that was used to bring their vision to life is Grotesque No. Blake Stephenson’s intention was to create a clean, straightforward, and non-decorative series of sans serif typeface. With these fonts Lewis expressed his violent ideas in the most intense typographic way possible.

Vorticism is very true indeed.

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BLAST! The radical Vorticist Manifesto | Tate

Be part of our community and have your creative climax one font at a time. Blast Magazine Cover, Issue The founder and editor of Blast Manifesto, Wyndham Lewis. Turkish Balloon, an inner blasr from Zang Tumb Tuuum, This copy is in MOMA’s collection.


The layout differs from the Bless page and presented in a more offensive way. Example of the Vorticism art by Dorothy Shakespear. Another layout example of the magazine. Review of the Great English Vortex. Image via rowenadunn Anyhow, when the first iconic issue “Blast No. Hitesh Singhal on how to design America better again. The Summer Guide to Typography Where to go, what to learn. The relation between typography and music genres, explained.

Prepare yourselves for the cinematic typography of a realm reborn. Slanted goes to Istanbul. Why Google is the latter-day Darth Vader of fonts.

BLAST! The radical Vorticist Manifesto

Typography is an all-time classic fashion trend. Good typography is good for your eyes and science is here to prove it.

John Clifford on six graphic design icons who mastered type. The first emoticon is not in this 17th century poem.