Eppendorf BioPhotometer Plus UV/VIS Photometer, 8″ W x ” D x 4″ H: Science Lab Photometers And Light Meters: : Industrial. With the BioPhotometer plus, Eppendorf offers a compact UV/Vis photometer for use in molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology. The photometer. Read independent reviews on BioPhotometer plus from Eppendorf on SelectScience.

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Page 17 BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 5 Operation 5.

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In addition to its low weight, the photometer is small, yet extremely sturdy due to a robust metal housing, which allows for easy transport and cleaning. The following values represent a pure DNA sample: Contact us Distributors Technical Service. Switch on the device and, if biophotometed, the printer also.

Our website does not support your outdated browser version. The molar mass is either entered directly or calculated by the device from the entered figure of the bases or base pairs per nucleic acid molecule. Have the pls for the measurements available. Connect the printer cable to the serial printer port 4 of the photometer and tighten the locking screws.


BioPhotometer plus from Eppendorf | SelectScience

The current version can be found on our website, www. When selecting the cuvettes observe the respective instructions see Cuvettes on page North Description America It is highly reliable. BioPhotometer plus Manufacturer Eppendorf.

Disposable cuvettes whith minimum volume of 70 microlitres. The ideal Eppendorf product fulfilling the PhysioCare concept provides a comprehensive approach for the user. Eppendorf represented from the beginning 31 Oct The absorbances of the filters are measured against a blank filter “blank A0”.

In touch with life Your local distributor: Compatible consumables are relatively inexpensive. Application Note — Detection of contamination in DNA and protein samples by biophotoeter measurements.

BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 5 Operation 5. Press one of the method group keys to return to the method selection and open the next method, if necessary. In the following cases the differences may be significant: Damage from improper cleaning of the cuvette shaft.

EPPENDORF BioPhotometer Plus | Forums | Questions | Discussions | Help | LabWrench

You can modify most parameters and save them as a modified method see Parameter on page Nucleic acids and protein estimation. Forgot password or username? However, the presence of proteins or other organic components in the eluate may not be entirely eliminated. Universitat Konstanz Ease of use 5 out of 5 After sales service 4 out of 5 Value for money 3 out of 5.


The photometer provides instant, out-of-the-box access to 32 routine methods, of which 9 methods are freely programmable, e. Slide the cuvette shaft cover forward biophotometef protect the shaft against contamination. It is possible that reduced purity may be attributed to the fact that the sample is solubilized in water instead of in buffer.

Eppendorf BioPhotometer plus User Manual

Service product portfolio may vary according to country. Raw and processed data are clearly presented on the large color screen and can be exported directly from the instrument in a variety of common formats.

In general, the purity of a DNA solution is easily defined using purity ratios. Faulty measurement due to device confusion. BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 7 Maintenance 7. Save time Submit your details once and make multiple inquiries.

Alexa Fluor is a registered trademark of Molecular Probes Inc. For calculating the FOI you can select between 2 units in the method parameters: