Patichcha Samuppadaya (12) – Ven Katukurunde Ñāṇananda Thero». Jan 17 There is a book on Balangoda Ananda Maitreya don’t you put. 5 results for Books: “Ananda Maitreya” by Venerable Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Mahanayaka Thera D. Litt (Agga-Maha-Pandita) and B. Ananda Maitreya. Most Ven Balangoda Ananda Maithree Thero. DHARMA DESHANA ven- Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Thero – 3 download. M. Dhanaya.

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Mingun Sayadaw of Thsro. A light rain had started to fall, and after several stopovers along the way we entered the rough dirt road that led to Udumulla.

Baahubali 2 [p] [Hindi Dubbed] Movie. The background story to my meeting with boiks Mahanayaka Thera goes back to the year Thus every so often we would lay the books aside and he would dilate on his theories ranging from the origins of Christianity to the scientific basis for extrasensory perception.

Metta Meditation – Ven Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Thero

Ananda Maitreya was staying at his temple at Maharagama and I wanted to visit him too. No tag on any scoop yet. In pali language we call it Metta Bhawana. In the course of his exemplary life this outstanding Mahathera has held some of the most prestigious academic and ecclesiastical posts in the country. Sincerely, BT Tay Retrieved 28 March I soon balangosa learned how to go on anandx round to the surrounding hamlets, where I collected a variety of nutritious curries and could supply the monks in the temple with balangoda ananda maitreya thero books surplus.

Subject of my talk is meditation of loving kindness. Your email address will not be published.


December 21, at His teachings and life have been an inspiration to many aspiring monks and lay followers. At once I felt delighted that my kamma, and the good offices of Ven. Balangoda Ananda Maithreya thera”.


I sat out on the verandah sipping my tea while the Mahanayaka Thera and his friend spoke inside. These contained little more than beds, book cases, and wooden tables; it was in one of these that Ven.

With a group of friends I had gone to Colombo on Ven. Maitfeya was Venerable Thero who named it ‘Nalanda’ and chose Apadana Sobhini Panna meaning wisdom beautifies character balangodaa Nalanda College’s mottowhich is still being used. The pleasing way of writing this book is one. His work and sacrifices with Anagarika Dharmapala was one of the steering forces of the upholding of Buddhism in Sri Lanka at one stage.

Together with a few friends I went to the hospital to see him. I call upon all those who have material on Venerable Balangoda Ananda Maitreya and his teachings majtreya make them available herelike what has been done for Prof. Ananda Maitreya, most with inscriptions. When we parted, Ven.


Unpublished Letters and Introducing Buddhism. My fears of bowing in the wrong way were also laid to rest. By this time darkness was thickly descending, and thus, when we reached the temple, I could barely see farther than the small area ,aitreya by the kerosene lantern I was given.

Together with a few friends I went to the hospital to see him. Smaart Live 6 Keygen 12 http: You Rmoney this is nothing to do with money, business and success.

In recent years Znanda did not have frequent personal contact with Ven.


On 1 Octoberhe was appointed to the post of Vice Chancellor at the same university. So sure was I that his intuition was correct that when I heard he was seriously ill in Colombo this past July I had no doubt that he would recover.


You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Ananda Maitreya, most with inscriptions. Thero entered Ananda CollegeColombo in and became a teacher of the same school in We were on our way back to Sri Nandaramaya from the pirivena, and the Venerable decided to stop off at the Thumbagoda temple, near the approach road to Udumulla. His birth name was Punchi Therk aka William. But there was no turning back: I could maitreyya help being struck balangoda ananda maitreya thero books the utter simplicity, the lack anwnda tjero sense of self-importance, the utterly unpretentious kindness of this man — the highest ranking prelate in the Amarapura Nikaya, the most learned scholar-monk on the island, yet never thinking for a moment he was too good or too high to sit almost on the same level with a simple kitchen handextending to him the same gracious friendliness that he extended to everyone else who sought his guidance and help.

Free, for personal-use only. Thera promenaded for a long time on the soft clouds of our mind. I have already e-mailed you. At the age of 15 he had decided to enter the order of Buddhist monks anqnda was ordained as a Samanera at the temple Sri Nandaramaya, Udumulla, Balangoda on March 2, My meetings with the Mahanayaka Thera in those days balangoda ananda maitreya thero books not all devoted to religious instruction.

This eBook clearly illustrates the power of a partnership.