For those who came in late: “Nuevos Modos De Defenderse En La Calle Con Un Baston” was published in , written by Arturo Bonafont. Author Arturo Bonafont was clearly an experienced instructor and, like Vigny and Cunningham before him, his idiosyncratic method represented a departure. Edici√≥n ilustrada con 72 fotograf√≠as. by BONAFONT, Arturo and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Currently the Bonafont system of fencing cane is still alive, you only have to find who teaches you.

La Defense dans la Rue. On the subject of improvisation, Barton-Wright noted: Louis bouncer disarms gunman. The first three ninety-minute episodes of what seems certain to become a long-running series screened in the UK over the past three weeks and are available online in various formats.

Baston Defensa Cane Street fighting by Arturo Bonafont

Since this thread has been bonafony, let me reiterate that I would love to work with any owners of this book to republish it. Arturo Bonafont is my great-great Grandfather and features his son my great grandfather Roque.

Grasso’s, Craig Gemiener in Australia has a copy, a third was auctioned off a few years ago on a spanish language site, and now yours.


I hope that you are able to find a way to reprint it! Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Finally, these young men acceded to pistols and revolvers of American and European origin that they carried and used indiscriminately.

First we worked on Guard by Distance. The Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes go on sale via the Freelance Academy Presscoinciding with the long-awaited release of Game of Shadowswhich does indeed include plenty of baritsu action.

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Log in Remember Bbonafont Wing Chun vs 52 Blocks. After the first series I stood by as coach and second attacker who came with a baseball bat in case any defender got too tied up with their offender. A second trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Cold Steel eskrima stick.

Frustratingly at times, there are no chapter headings, contents pages nor index, though there are almost pages of carefully annotated end-notes.

Gimme a shout and bonxfont repub this book! Kershaw Shuffle 2 knife. Written during the s this rare manual was a nice attempt to teach civilians a method of all artyro cane fighting for street survival. Sherlock Holmes is portrayed as an excellent combatant with a tachypsychic ability to virtually meditate in the midst of chaos. On the chance the TheVigilante isn’t subscribed to this thread and may not notice that it’s been revived, you should be able to email him via this page – http: Ryan Sermona vs Matt Garlett.


The first ever Bartitsu lecture and demonstration is offered in Zagreb, Croatia. We then worked on a neo-Bartitsu version using the same arm lock for a knife defense.

Perhaps unavoidably, given that the book was published posthumously, some sections are obviously better polished than bonafony.

Nuevos Modos De Defenderse En La Calle Con Un Baston | Australian Savate Homepage

Since we had been doing the back heel throw I first taught the defense from a face strike that is blocked and you end up tripping the attacker up with a rear throw back heel. Gary Hernandez Martial Arts. After lunch we put the mats down and worked on how to do break falls. After it was all over we did a quick after-action review.

Nuevos Modos de Defenderse en la Calle con un Bas. Day 2 commenced with a recap of the kick boxing work and then segued into a selection of the canonical Bartitsu stickfighting sequences.

Meyerco Thumbdrive knife review.