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Problems for initial value ODEs Methods: August Various problems of functional analysis about Banach spaces turn-out to be related to infinitary albebra. In particular no separable infinite dimensional subspace has a complemented superspace of density smaller or equal to the continuum, consistently answering a question of Johnson and Lindenstrauss of Interpolation and polynomial approximation Lagrange polynomials and divided differences.

Geometria Analítica

Using the method of forcing we prove that consistently there is a Banach space of continuous functions on a zero-dimensional compact Hausdorff space of density k bigger than the continuum where all operators are multiplications by a continuous function plus a weakly compact operator and which has no infinite dimensional complemented subspaces of density smaller or equal to the continuum. There is a classical chain of mathematical constructions: The method of forcingcreated by Paul Cohen in to show the independence of the continuum hypothesis will be used frequently as well.

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This course is an introduction to Linear Algebra and Numerical analysis. Beside the relations algegra the properties, we will study the spaces of the form C Kwhere K is the Stone space of an algebra with these properties; Translations of cardinal invariants: The combinatorial properties are related to stationary reflection. Determinants Definition, properties, calculation of determinants, Cramer’s rule, determination of inverse matrix with determinants.


If for a given property P there is such an S of cardinality k, we say that P does not reflect at k. Capacities and forcing Web page of Prof.

The topological properties we consider vary from normality, collectionwise Hausdorff property to metrizablity and many others.

The purpose of this study is to try to decide if a cardinal function on Boolean spaces Stone spaces of Boolean algebras is equivalent to a cardinal function in the language of C K. Candidate for Doctor’s degree: Valorization Training Human resources and mobility.

Piotr Koszmider’s web page

Knowledge involves love, care for the thing we seek to know, longing, being-drawn-to, being overwhelmed. Tutorial support is available in English. This dichotomy is useful in various proofs of undecidibility.

Scholarship from CNPq Project’s begining: Functional Analysis and Combinatorics Chairman: This classical chain which was completely formed in the middle of 20th century is revisited with the technology of undecidability proofs which mainly affect the combinatorial structure of the infinite families of sets.

Álgebra Linear com Aplicações – Anton Rorres 8ª Ed

Bisection, Newton-Raphson and fixed-point. Classical methods of logic and infinitary algebar in the theory of Banach spaces, Support: By continuing you agree to the cookie policy. A property P of a structure S does not reflect if no substructure of S of smaller cardinality than S has the property.

As a speciality, we would study some kind of dichotomy between the principles holding in the constructible universe and the principles derived from large cardinals. Euler, Runge-Kutta and Taylor.


One of the objectives of the Iberoamerican Conferences is to bring together, once in every two years, topologists from around the world. Cardinal invariants and classical properties of Banach spaces of continuous functions Support: The most interesting results show that many known properties may not reflect at any fixed singular cardinal of uncountable cofinality.

Besides we will try to construct new interesting examples and counter-eaxamples. Piotr Koszmider; Palicacoes space C K where all non-trivial complemented subspaces have big densities.

Geometria Analítica /1

When conceits are silent and all words stand still, the world speaks. Planned learning activities and teaching methods Both theoretical and practical classes with exposure of the program contents and presentation of examples. Project we treat problems of Banach space theory using the classical methods of logic and infinitary combinatorics.

Both theoretical and practical classes with exposure of the program contents and presentation of examples. Many of these results are consistency or independence results. The student must be able to apply the methods and algorithms to solve problems related to their area of expertise. In this sense, we can divide the problems to be studied in three groups: The impact of forcing on spaces C K: