de tortura son en su mayoría las guardias y funcionarios del INPEC, aunque también hay casos en donde el .. De acuerdo con la Oficina del Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Derechos . de , artículos 33 y 4. with the Working Group on urgent matters, an official from the INPEC referred to .. The State informed the IACHR that the proposal of draft reform of the .. Con el acuerdo sobre justicia: el fin del conflicto armado con las FARC al. SEGURIDAD INTERNA EN ERON Qué es? Servicios de seguridad es una asignatura que indica la interacción entre los procedimientos, los.

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Extinction Chromatique; Izmerenie soderzhaniya Ugleroda i Vodoroda-3 s pomoshch’yu zhidkostnogo stsintillyatsionnogo spektrometra. Was evaluated the feasibility of biological treatment for the effluent from the slaughterhouse in the municipality of El Tambo Cauca and proposed the implementation of cleaner production processes CPP in the use of water acueedo some byproducts generated by the plant for slaughter.

Characterization of radioactive organic liquid wastes; Caracterizacion de desechos liquidos organicos radiactivos. Sampling were realized monthly and during thirteen months.

The samples were collected from September of to July ofat fourdistinct places of the treatment lake. Mill scale can be considered a cheap material for the removal of toxic metals due to its high content in iron oxides and metallic iron. Entre varias tecnologias de control para corrientes de COV en efluentes indust Proteinas do liquido cefalorraqueano: Among the potential biomasses, agricultural residues have very attractive features, as they allow for the removal of radionuclides present in the waste using a low cost biosorbent.


Los totales de 1,3,6-tsn recuperados en los pozos AzD, Az y Az hasta dias despues de la inyeccion, fecha en que se suspendio el muestreo, dep respectivamente 6. A forragem foi cortada aos 45 dias de crescimento vegetativo e armazenada em silos experimentais 50 L durante dias. Synthesis and characterization of new ionic liquids; Sintese e caracterizacao de novos liquidos ionicos.

At the end of the experiment it was concluded that the effluent presented adequate physical and chemical quality xcuerdo irrigation of pepper plant.

The bleaching process is the stage where there is the greatest loss of fibers during the pulp production. P1 00111 the discharge of the treated wastewater, before launching it into the stream; P2 – upstream, 50 m away from the discharge point; P3 – downstream, 50 m away from the discharge point; and P4. The results also point out to the need of deeper researches about the use of anaerobic spores as routine indicator.

A total of twelve treatments were based on a combination of two types of irrigated water artesian well, fish effl uent; three sources of phosphorus natural, soluble and control and two substrates with organic matter and without organic matter at the proportion of 3: Ils cherchent a expliquer le mecanisme et les causes de la destruction des produits au cours de l’impregnation.

Ancient history – wwx

In this manner, an experiment was conducted under greenhouse conditions, at the UFCG, to study the production of the sunflower irrigated with domestic effluent and different levels of organic manure from July to October Moreover, the European environmental policy is requesting clean fuels that reduce environmental risks.

The integration of these methods to recover zinc and iron from effluent still requires more detailed studies.

The breakthrough curves was made by two forms: Se mencionan las ventajas de este tipo de bombas de calor con respecto a las de calor por compresion mecanica de vapor, asi como las ventajas de usar bombas de calor en sistemas de destilacion simple. A study was made of the possibility of producing high thermal resistance graphite-silicon carbide materials dell means of impregnating MG graphite with liquid silicon in a vacuum.


En nuestra sociedad, muchos procesos industriales generan efluentes contaminados que deben ser tratados inpc a sus efectos sobre la salud y el medio ambiente.

Ancient history – wwx – PDF Free Download

Three multi-stage BAF filled with three different packing materials were used: Iz ugleroda, soderzhashchegosya v arkheologicheskom obraztse, sinteziruetsya ehtilbenzol. Les auteurs ont effectue des mesures sur des specimens archeologiques provenant de diverses regions de l’URSS.

The water hyacinth showed the best results of biomass cauerdo P0.

It was observed an outstanding presence of the Chlamydomonas gender in photosynthetic ponds L2 and L3. On a calcule le coefficient d’absorption totale pour chaque bande de 40 nm soit, etc. On the other hand, those results put in evidence the utility of simple models in estimating the order of magnitude of expected concentrations and doses.

The value of this coefficient was in good agreement with those achieved by other workers. Para ello, se deben realizar algunas aproximaciones del termino fuente y se consideran los valores de actividades del Inventario dle CNEA correspondiente al primer trimestre delteniendo en cuenta el periodo de semidesintegracion de cada radionucleido.

Parece que el metodo ofrece una sensibilidad suficiente para muchas aplicaciones, aunque un poco menor que la del dispositivo de recuento por coincidencias.